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mom: “everyone should bathe with their baby. everyone.”

this newborn was 5 days,

and found the most relishing comfort in a warm tea bath with mom and sister.


so simple, but so deeply emotionally effective.


here is just another rendition of family, child, and newborn photography.

it comes in many forms, but the importance of it is found in YOUR form.


first look. newborn session. | long island new york birth & newborn photographer | grace photography by max grey

firstlookflyerfb58blogblogcollage13bwblogthese sessions are tender and fleeting.

they are complete reflections of your most euphoric time, without any sort of overwhelming or invasive feel. you get the best of newborn portrait and storytelling photography as well as a birth photography experience all consolidated in a 30-45 minute time span.

I will travel to your hospital and/or home 24-48hrs post-birth, and delightfully photograph all your emotive glory of you and your family with the new addition.

please call/text me or email me with any further questions.

p.: 516-509.3271

please book your session as soon as you can, I will pencil in your due date. All you(or a family member) has to do is alert me as soon as the baby is born and I’m there!

IF you book one of these sessions, and would still like a full in home newborn session, you will get 10% off your newborn session

to book now, you pay half of session, and final installment is due a week prior to your due date.

2 is better than1.| long island new york and nyc in home newborn baby and lifestyle photographer | grace photography by max grey

as was the case for baby abel.

two mommies, are better than one!

that nurturing warmth, that soft soothing voice you look for when you are just a tiny newborn life. imagine two of that?

what incredible character this home had. I am not just talking about how insanely awesome the decor was, but the lives that make that house a home.

rufus, the first baby, wouldn’t leave abel’s side. he wanted his close up, and wanted to steal abel’s close up as well. rufus rocks!

abel’s mommies were such an amazing parallel partnership and their flow with with him was really something. they were wonderful to watch in their new found roles as mommies.

this is that pull I feel with in home photography. newborn photography in general can be so humbling, but adding the entire unique environment of the family unit makes my world shake.

thank you for letting me spend some of your freshest and most purest moments in your personal space, photographing your newness.

what a pleasure, and what a lucky boy he is to be so loved.


and then there was a boy. | long island new york in home newborn & family photographer | grace photography

oh my what a session.

so, we had twin girls, another little sis – so yes, 3 girls – and now a boy.

the fun in this house is just pure awesome. these girls were so helpful and the doting over him was truly delightful.

I also have to say, the youngest sis, was super psyched for me to meet their elves. yes, their elves on the shelves (hehe). and who gets two elves? told you these kids were cool. 😉

so the little one. little Giovanni. he gave me the most fantastic eye contact and was so easy to please. he wanted to be a part of the action. he was much older than his newborn self. I could see it in his face.

I also have to say, mom was extremely helpful. I am ready to recruit her as my assistant!

I guess after 4 kids, you got that multi-tasking thing down!

dad arrived home on his lunch break to get some guy time in front of the cam, thank you for that dad, because the pics of you and your son were just completely emotive.


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