headshot4Hello. i’m max. ..the girl that will be watching- and becoming a part of – your beautiful family. with camera in tow.  i’m a long island new york in home photographer. a storyteller. that specializes  in newborns, babies, children and families. Organic art, with you in focus.  You can call/text me at 516.509.3271 or contact me via the contact option in the menu, regarding any and all questions. I proudly travel out of state too!

i see the world through vibrant colors, compositions and light. glorious light. i will paint with light during your session. sessions usually last about 2 hours, could be more, could be less all depending on when i’m certain your life has been fully captured.

i like to compose your life’s story in pictures.  i shoot honest, I shoot real, I shoot you. let me into your world and i will make it art.  i prefer an organic approach, and  i strive to capture the soul of your family. how you know and love them.

so who is this girl that will be telling your story?, well… i am a lover of all things with a beating heart, i’m a spiritual person, a very entertaining person (so i like to tell myself), i have no filter, and laughter is my language.   Basically, I’m a very ‘type b’ go with the flow kind of person. I’d like to say I’m very organized and do my best work in a neat clean environment, but i’d be lying.  I love to live in the moment, & do things on a whim. i will take a crazy thought and turn it into a masterpiece – i pride myself in that-   the very best memories are ones that weren’t planned. I’m a dreamer, and find my inspiration in the world we live.

When I meet you, I will probably give you a hug and a couple of laughs, we may shed some tears (of joy, of course), oohhhs and aaahhss (mostly at newbie sessions 🙂 ).

So reach out, and lets see what you inspire me to do next. 😉