Like daddy. | Long Island NY Newborn Photographer | Grace Photography

This was a fantastic newborn session! Everything went as smoothly as it ever could have went.

This session was also a bit of a first for me. ..

Dad was really into the session.  It’s not very common at all! He really wanted his little boy to take pictures with his fireman gear.  Dad is one of the “bravest” which is a fireman in the  FDNY.  And, if anyone knows New Yorkers, we look to the FDNY as the best in the country.  (yea we love to toot our own horns..whatever. ) 😉

So, this session was really important to mom and dad!

Little man was very cooperative, even when I found myself being super chatty with mom and dad.  He just stayed as he was. I was pregnant during this session.  This was my very last newborn shoot until I went on maternity leave – more like, ‘I can’t really bend over anymore’ leave…

Of course he couldn’t have been ANY cuter and more mushy.  Made me super anxious to hold my littler one!

Welcome to the most rewarding and most challenging days of your lives!