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oh my what a session.

so, we had twin girls, another little sis – so yes, 3 girls – and now a boy.

the fun in this house is just pure awesome. these girls were so helpful and the doting over him was truly delightful.

I also have to say, the youngest sis, was super psyched for me to meet their elves. yes, their elves on the shelves (hehe). and who gets two elves? told you these kids were cool. 😉

so the little one. little Giovanni. he gave me the most fantastic eye contact and was so easy to please. he wanted to be a part of the action. he was much older than his newborn self. I could see it in his face.

I also have to say, mom was extremely helpful. I am ready to recruit her as my assistant!

I guess after 4 kids, you got that multi-tasking thing down!

dad arrived home on his lunch break to get some guy time in front of the cam, thank you for that dad, because the pics of you and your son were just completely emotive.


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