a year in review: 2012 | long island ny baby, child & family on location photographer | grace photography

It started with a birth…

February 27, 2012


of a beautiful baby girl, we call Sierra…

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which¬† made us a family of 4…


and Em a big sister…

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who turned 2…


and then started school…


when her little sister was just about 6 months…


and a few months later here we are. Full circle. New year. What will it bring?

This post is emotional for me.

Not because it recapped my beautiful family in 2012, but because we are dealing with some health issues with our youngest. Sierra (or as Em calls her, Yaya).

Sparing specifics for now since we are not really sure what exactly is going on, I am praying 2013 will give me answers.



a new found love for life.

the same love  I felt on February 27, 2012.

I wish nothing more than health and happiness for all. I know that is the cliche saying during the new year, but health and happiness are the two most important things in this crazy place we call life.

and I wish it for all.

Happy 2013. xo