brand new boy. | long island new york in home newborn photographer | grace photography

Hunter James.

Such a strong name. It fit him perfectly.

He was easy to calm, and he was so serene and content in the presence of his mommy and daddy. I just loved photographing them interacting with this newness they just brought into the world.  Some of the best shots were of Hunter with his parents.

We really incorporated a lot of personal touches. To me, that is what makes a newborn session.

Raw life. Hunter’s life.

He had such a fantastic room! Mom did an amazing job designing it. He also had a very special bassinet that was passed down from his grandma. He is the 3rd generation to sleep in that beautifully hand crafted bassinet. These are the “props” I just swoon over.

We also got some shots of Hunter on a very special blue blanket that was made for him. This session really honed in on the personal things.

This is how they will remember their first born. His stuff. His life.

Just perfect.

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Dj is 1…& a ham. | long island ny child photographer | grace photography

There is really nothing better than a little ham showing off for the camera.

Mr. DJ was surely a ham bone! We went to a few different locations and he just soaked up each one.

He put on a happy face and just did what little boys do.

You know, examined some rocks (very interesting), splashed in the water, gave me his little “Stinker face” as mom calls it. Just boy.

DJ gave me everything a photographer could ask for. Some camera flirting, some playfulness, and some mushiness!

Usually after a certain amount of time, little ones get restless. DJ got more lively as time went on. Pure perfection.

Oh and the love between him and his parents is unreal.

Pics speak for themselves. 🙂

Little man. | Long Island NY Child Photographer | Grace Photography

Happy boy.

This little boy isn’t just fantastic in front of the camera. Believe me I know.

He has been in my life for a little under two years now.  We have done many many shoots together.

Some planned. Some impromptu.

OH and him and my daughter Emerson will be having an arranged marriage. Totally cool. Got it covered.

He is utterly amazing, fun, vibrant, goofy, silly, oh and ALL BOY like his “yaya” says.

Lucas is now a big brother.  He has a little brother named Aiden, who’s newborn pics I will be blogging one day soon.

For now, I give you Lucas, mama, and little brother (still inside). 🙂