it’s a girl! | long island ny in home newborn photographer | grace photography

This little lady was a surprise! It is so much fun not knowing what you are having.

Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Doesn’t really matter! Either way, the surprise is super cool!

Her name is Keegan, and she was such a doll. I think she enjoyed her session because she just did her thing. (whatever thing it is that a newborn does 🙂 )

She stayed nice and sleepy and easy to pose and perfect.  She sometimes just fell right into the perfect pose too. I love that. A real baby pose. Those baby “poses” don’t last long, so documenting them in their purest state is a must.

I absolutely loved watching mom and dad swoon over her too.  She is their first, and I love seeing the faces on brand new first time parents!

Really really enjoyed this session and all its warmth.


Dj is 1…& a ham. | long island ny child photographer | grace photography

There is really nothing better than a little ham showing off for the camera.

Mr. DJ was surely a ham bone! We went to a few different locations and he just soaked up each one.

He put on a happy face and just did what little boys do.

You know, examined some rocks (very interesting), splashed in the water, gave me his little “Stinker face” as mom calls it. Just boy.

DJ gave me everything a photographer could ask for. Some camera flirting, some playfulness, and some mushiness!

Usually after a certain amount of time, little ones get restless. DJ got more lively as time went on. Pure perfection.

Oh and the love between him and his parents is unreal.

Pics speak for themselves. 🙂

harper & a half. | long island ny baby & child photographer | grace photography

Happy half!

6 months is so bittersweet for parents. They are still babies, but no one can believe how fast the 6 month came, and then in another 6 they are 1.

A year.


BUT, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Lets talk experience.

Sometimes I get a house…

that makes my jaw drop. This was it. Delicious light, and colors. Every bit of decor just, well..


The family. Oh my how fun. Little baby Harper is really just incredible. You need to meet her to understand. She is exquisite. Beautiful, emotive, extremely willful. Loved her.

Mom and dad seriously had me cracking up the whole time – I can see where Harper gets her silly side from. Involving their pet “horses” (see if you can spot them hehe) and Harper’s “Bebe” made things much more fun.  I really honestly love unwrapping the true soul of a family while I’m behind my lens. I feed off my client’s energy.  That is what makes the session.

and this one…


first girl. | Long Island NY In Home Newborn Photographer | Grace Photography

Lucky number 3.

Mom & dad have two older boys, and now a little girl to add.  All perfect. All happy. All healthy.

Don’t let that cute face fool you. Little Miss, gave me a run for my money.  Took about 2 hours to get her to fall asleep

and then mom and I played the, “pull-the-binky-out-of-her-mouth-quickly-so-we-get-the-shot-before-she-cries” game.

All in all, I think the shoot turned out just perfect. 🙂

I give you, Madison.