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he was super cool. perhaps it helped that he shares¬† a birthday with my youngest child? ūüėČ

his room had such style, and the fact that everything right down to the bedding was MADE by mom just added to the element of “cool”.

this is their first baby, and something about parents (I may have spoken about this in another post) and their interaction with their first born just really chokes me up.

you are extra gentle, you jump at every coo, and so much attention to detail.

while I shot their family pics, I paused and gazed at their affection they had for each other and their new child.

just for a moment.

just enough to allow myself to feel their energy. just so I could guarantee I’d grab that energy, and freeze it in a photographic story. Please, pause at their family pics in this post, you will feel it too.

this session was long, and the light was tough, but it may have been one of my all time favorite newborn sessions.

thank you for that.


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jake. | long island new york in home newborn photographer | grace photography

this may have been my easiest newborn session yet.

this little face never woke up. maybe he took a peek or two at me here and there, but went right back to sleep.

he was very cozy and content. even with his doggies.

i do basic posing at my sessions, utilize the client’s bed for some traditional portraits, and try to stay very organic. i use the baby to inspire my posing. some babies love their belly, or love being swaddled, etc. so i take that and go with it.

clearly, jake went with it.

sessions are always new and personal. i absolutely loved his room and it’s theme, and the colorful chunky knit blankets that were hand made with lots of love, ¬†just for him!

of course, best “props” of all, his sweet pups, and the lovin’ he got from his mom & dad. xo


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charlie boy. | long island new york in home newborn photographer | grace photography



Sweet Charlie boy.

When I first met him I thought to myself, “oh my he is so handsome!”

His big brother Max was so excited to show him off to me, and I must say, he was a very cooperative toddler!

Charlie was a little fidgety one, but such a mush, never cried, but he made it very clear how he wanted to lay. By all means Charlie, you do what you do boy!

Loved, watching mama with her boys.  There is definitely something very precious about a boy and their mom.

Here they are.

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welcome. | long island new york birth photographer | grace photography

I have a new love.

birth photography.

standing alongside an entire family during the birth of a child, is an unexplainable feeling. humbling.

the fact that mom is someone that I have grown very close to within the past two years and  has also witnessed the birth of my second child makes even better. no words.

here is aiden. gorgeous boy.

emotion that can only ever be seen at the presence of a birth. can not be reenacted.

aiden brought so much joy to these people’s lives this day, and he also made lucas a big brother.

welcome little boy.

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a year in review: 2012 | long island ny baby, child & family on location photographer | grace photography

It started with a birth…

February 27, 2012


of a beautiful baby girl, we call Sierra…

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which¬† made us a family of 4…


and Em a big sister…

emandsierrablog emsierralipblog emandsierra3blog

who turned 2…


and then started school…


when her little sister was just about 6 months…


and a few months later here we are. Full circle. New year. What will it bring?

This post is emotional for me.

Not because it recapped my beautiful family in 2012, but because we are dealing with some health issues with our youngest. Sierra (or as Em calls her, Yaya).

Sparing specifics for now since we are not really sure what exactly is going on, I am praying 2013 will give me answers.



a new found love for life.

the same love  I felt on February 27, 2012.

I wish nothing more than health and happiness for all. I know that is the cliche saying during the new year, but health and happiness are the two most important things in this crazy place we call life.

and I wish it for all.

Happy 2013. xo