and then there was a boy. | long island new york in home newborn & family photographer | grace photography

oh my what a session.

so, we had twin girls, another little sis – so yes, 3 girls – and now a boy.

the fun in this house is just pure awesome. these girls were so helpful and the doting over him was truly delightful.

I also have to say, the youngest sis, was super psyched for me to meet their elves. yes, their elves on the shelves (hehe). and who gets two elves? told you these kids were cool. 😉

so the little one. little Giovanni. he gave me the most fantastic eye contact and was so easy to please. he wanted to be a part of the action. he was much older than his newborn self. I could see it in his face.

I also have to say, mom was extremely helpful. I am ready to recruit her as my assistant!

I guess after 4 kids, you got that multi-tasking thing down!

dad arrived home on his lunch break to get some guy time in front of the cam, thank you for that dad, because the pics of you and your son were just completely emotive.


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newness & twoness. | long island in home newborn & family photographer | grace photography

fellow long island photographer, Kristen, wanted to step out from behind the cam for a bit, to focus on her and her special little unit, and document some “mom time”.

she has a tiny little bundle of newness, named colin, and a little toddler girl that was indeed chalk full of character, named caroline.

what do they do best?

sleep, snuggle, and air out their jubilance of course! 😉

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a belly, a boy, & a touch of color. | long island NY in home family, child, & maternity lifestyle photographer | grace photography

I will be the first to admit that I am not a maternity photographer, but being that it is personal and every pregnancy is unique to the individual, I find my way around a maternity session, and end up loving it.

this was a mini maternity session, she booked once she booked her birth – which you can view HERE – and her newborn session – already blogged HERE .

it’s fun doing a recap of life events I have documented for so many people, when I blog their sessions.

remembering when big brother was an only child, but seeing how excited he was to have a younger sibling (which, the sex of the baby happened to be a surprise – awesommmeeeee). really brings me back to the whole experience surrounding this family.

I could feel the anticipation and mood of this household in such an eclectic way, that it really set the mold for how the session was going to end up.

enjoy the story!

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little brother colin. | long island new york in home lifestyle newborn photographer | grace photography

one of my most awesome repeat clients added yet another little human to the mix, for me to photograph.

to say I am thrilled would be a gross understatement!

big brother landon was surprisingly, obsessed with his new little bro. I usually don’t see a young sibling so infatuated with a new baby as he was. it was refreshing and fun to document.

as for colin, he may have been the only newborn I found difficult to photograph AWAKE. yea, I said it.


he slept the entire time, all cozy and content. I enjoyed every second. with each member of the family.

even the grandparents were part of the mix. no, they didn’t stop over for a quick visit, or a photo op, they were staying to help out, for about a month!!!!

really genuine family unit, that I adore. They are also a little crazy too. my cup ‘o tea! 😉

{when you come to the images of him wrapped in a yellow blanket where he is nose to nose with mom, look at that one for a little bit longer. that blanket was mom’s blanket from when she was a baby. the use of that blanket brought those pics to a whole other level <3 }


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boy house. | long island new york lifestyle family & child photographer | grace photography

yes, all boys. poor mom. actually, she is the perfect boy mom. this was a combo family/one year shoot for her youngest.

the wild one. 😉

it was a refreshing shoot.

all 3 of her boys have completely different personalities it was so nice to see them unravel throughout the session.

this family, I have photographed previously, and it was such a pleasure. Multiple children can be a challenge, but this family was just utter “fantastic-ness”.

they brought a soccer ball to their session. something personal, and native. they are a portuguese family and soccer is part of their life. it added a lot of wholesome moments.


glad they brought it!

tell me, can you spot the soccer ball in some of the formal family pics? 😉

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