family bed. ⎮ long island new york family photographer ⎮ grace photography by max grey


it comes in many forms.

when you decide to book a family photo shoot,  or perhaps toss around the idea of doing a shoot, envision what that photo session will be like, what exactly runs through your mind?

think about it for a moment…

did you think about family pictures in and around your home? perhaps family bed pictures? just as you are with your littles, and second half?

its grand and glorious and purely unapologetic and tangible.

when you book your next family and child photography session, think about the depths of your family, and what beauty you have created in this world you live day in and day out.

you aren’t just a pretty picture to hang on a wall. you are so much more, you are humans. you make mistakes, you laugh, you cry, you may have mess everywhere, sometimes you have it all together and sometimes you don’t. but once that sun goes down, it is just you and your people.


time to document the real.


this session was filled with outside festivities, some extended family, and then these last few moments.

pure bliss in the realm of raw.

no one can ever have these pictures duplicated. each and every family is different, so every story photographically told, is honest and true.

what does your dynamic look like?