boy house. | long island new york lifestyle family & child photographer | grace photography

yes, all boys. poor mom. actually, she is the perfect boy mom. this was a combo family/one year shoot for her youngest.

the wild one. 😉

it was a refreshing shoot.

all 3 of her boys have completely different personalities it was so nice to see them unravel throughout the session.

this family, I have photographed previously, and it was such a pleasure. Multiple children can be a challenge, but this family was just utter “fantastic-ness”.

they brought a soccer ball to their session. something personal, and native. they are a portuguese family and soccer is part of their life. it added a lot of wholesome moments.


glad they brought it!

tell me, can you spot the soccer ball in some of the formal family pics? 😉

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the perfect 4. | long island new york lifestyle & family photographer | grace photography

this shoot has been in the works for quite some time. mom had a very specific location and idea of what she wanted.

all the fun, the love, and unique connections shared to be documented.

we used her mother’s home in Pennsylvania. gorgeous farmhouse on an endless amount of land that just so happened to have a gorgeous hayfield surrounding it.

the energy was endless.

mom’s most valuable time of day is spent in bed with her children. nursing her boy, while her girl stays close and curious.

it was interesting to watch their deep dynamics. all of them. the children led the way, while mom & dad stuck close by just observing and soaking it all in.

these shoots, as I so like to express are about the experience. a moment to get extra close to the love of your life, a time to be extra silly and wild with your kids, and then to go on with your day reflecting back on that time.

hopefully, these images will bring you back to that place Tara. <3

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a day out . family photographer. | long island new york storytelling lifestyle family photographer | grace photography

We spent months planning and discussing this session.

I received the most fantastic email from Michele regarding my work and how she wanted to book a mentor session and a family session for the Summer.

She has been so supportive of my work, and is also an awesome human. I could not wait to photograph her beautiful family and that adorable daughter of hers, Ana.

We finally pinned down a location.

Sag Harbor. How fantastic?

A Sag Harbor photography session it was! She has been there before and loves it there.

Music to my ears. Personal drive being added to a session.

Michele made it very clear she wanted it to be a true capturing of her family as they truly are. By the end of the session she said, “Are you sure you got enough? I mean, it wasn’t stressful so I want to make sure you got it.”

Don’t you worry. This is how a story should be documented. Every family. No stress, just you.

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Dj is 1…& a ham. | long island ny child photographer | grace photography

There is really nothing better than a little ham showing off for the camera.

Mr. DJ was surely a ham bone! We went to a few different locations and he just soaked up each one.

He put on a happy face and just did what little boys do.

You know, examined some rocks (very interesting), splashed in the water, gave me his little “Stinker face” as mom calls it. Just boy.

DJ gave me everything a photographer could ask for. Some camera flirting, some playfulness, and some mushiness!

Usually after a certain amount of time, little ones get restless. DJ got more lively as time went on. Pure perfection.

Oh and the love between him and his parents is unreal.

Pics speak for themselves. 🙂

Little man. | Long Island NY Child Photographer | Grace Photography

Happy boy.

This little boy isn’t just fantastic in front of the camera. Believe me I know.

He has been in my life for a little under two years now.  We have done many many shoots together.

Some planned. Some impromptu.

OH and him and my daughter Emerson will be having an arranged marriage. Totally cool. Got it covered.

He is utterly amazing, fun, vibrant, goofy, silly, oh and ALL BOY like his “yaya” says.

Lucas is now a big brother.  He has a little brother named Aiden, who’s newborn pics I will be blogging one day soon.

For now, I give you Lucas, mama, and little brother (still inside). 🙂