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it comes in many forms.

when you decide to book a family photo shoot,  or perhaps toss around the idea of doing a shoot, envision what that photo session will be like, what exactly runs through your mind?

think about it for a moment…

did you think about family pictures in and around your home? perhaps family bed pictures? just as you are with your littles, and second half?

its grand and glorious and purely unapologetic and tangible.

when you book your next family and child photography session, think about the depths of your family, and what beauty you have created in this world you live day in and day out.

you aren’t just a pretty picture to hang on a wall. you are so much more, you are humans. you make mistakes, you laugh, you cry, you may have mess everywhere, sometimes you have it all together and sometimes you don’t. but once that sun goes down, it is just you and your people.


time to document the real.


this session was filled with outside festivities, some extended family, and then these last few moments.

pure bliss in the realm of raw.

no one can ever have these pictures duplicated. each and every family is different, so every story photographically told, is honest and true.

what does your dynamic look like?




child. its many forms. | long island new york in home child and family lifestyle photographer | grace photography by max grey

a little bit different.

children come in many forms. sometimes, one child embodies a plethora of forms of him or herself.

one human, many depths. many expressions.

photographing families and children opens up many a world of wonder. parents visually look at their children every single day. however, do they really ‘see’ them?

one embodiment of personality.

in home photography always reaches farther than anyone could possibly know.



fine art.

all can be achieved in home. just stick to the people. the relationship. the internal emotional workings of that body.

this family has welcomed me into their lives many times, and while I feel as though I know them so very well, I get to know them just a little bit more with each visit. this visit was filled with a lot of observation, solitude, and angles of expression.

sadie let me into her little personal world a bit more than bennett. it really showed  how different and unique they both really are.

the fantastic king kids.




family is king. | long island new york in home family & child lifestyle photographer | grace photography by max grey


where do I begin?

this session was the first of 3 we have already had, and there must be some cosmic pull in the universe that brings certain people together because Liz and I were more than likely separated at birth.

when she first contacted me she said, “I think these are the kinds of pictures I am ready to decorate my house in.” That was all I needed to hear!

This kind of photography is hard for people to visualize seeing on their walls. A typical image of everyone looking at the camera is one we all expect and have growned to accept as “wall worthy” in a mainstream kind of context.

It has been hard and liberating at the same time to break that mold.

I am humbled time and time again when I get to spend a few hours in the unapologetic, authentic, world people create. It isn’t always perfect and pretty, but what “perfect” & “pretty” is subjective. It is the literal lives of people I like to see.

throw it at me.

so, a little about this specific session…

lots of character under this roof. Sassy Sadie, the big sis, loves her stuffed animals, dressing up in moms heels, books, being a show stopper, and way beyond her ripe age of 6! Her little brother Bennett is a mush. He has this need to please, but loves to follow Sadie into the world of “forget what authority says, I’m doing what I want” <~~~~ (best part of their dynamic, in my personal opinion).

It was so nice seeing girlfriend Sadie get her fem on, while Bennett played trucks with dad. It was like I was in two different worlds at once. Thank you children.

mom & dad.

Liz is just wild. She is a secret wild. Such a person full of life, and fun and knows when to unleash it at just the right time.

Matt, one of my favorite dudes! Quiet, calculated, and then BAM comes out with some of the funniest things ever. He also has some really cool hobbies. One being that he builds fatbikes. Bennett loves to help him, and I have to say it was hard to document that, when I wanted to learn how to build them too!

Oh and Sadie is really fun to text with. She will send you emoticons and you have to decipher the message. We totally become pioneers of a new language!

Love them, I really do.

My families are so fantastic.

I would love for you to read this little (not so little…) pictorial rather than my rambling….


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a belly, a boy, & a touch of color. | long island NY in home family, child, & maternity lifestyle photographer | grace photography

I will be the first to admit that I am not a maternity photographer, but being that it is personal and every pregnancy is unique to the individual, I find my way around a maternity session, and end up loving it.

this was a mini maternity session, she booked once she booked her birth – which you can view HERE – and her newborn session – already blogged HERE .

it’s fun doing a recap of life events I have documented for so many people, when I blog their sessions.

remembering when big brother was an only child, but seeing how excited he was to have a younger sibling (which, the sex of the baby happened to be a surprise – awesommmeeeee). really brings me back to the whole experience surrounding this family.

I could feel the anticipation and mood of this household in such an eclectic way, that it really set the mold for how the session was going to end up.

enjoy the story!

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girls. | long island new york in home lifestyle storytelling photographer | grace photography

oh my.

what fun I had at this session. Anyone recognize them? That is Summer from Summer Lyn Photography, and her beautiful children.

she asked me to do a very very personal session. a day in the life session. documenting something that she cherishes day after day.

personal time with her girls in the morning.

the connections. the dynamics. the most profound experiences for any parent.

I am blown away time and time again at the relationships families have built amongst each other. I love entering a home and just feel immediately drawn to their energy.

the energy from Summer & her family was unreal.

for a moment, I was  a part of this family. just for a moment. it was perfect.

tell me, can you hear their laughter? Can you feel their so very different personalities radiating?

here is their story. xoxo

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