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This little lady was a surprise! It is so much fun not knowing what you are having.

Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Doesn’t really matter! Either way, the surprise is super cool!

Her name is Keegan, and she was such a doll. I think she enjoyed her session because she just did her thing. (whatever thing it is that a newborn does 🙂 )

She stayed nice and sleepy and easy to pose and perfect.  She sometimes just fell right into the perfect pose too. I love that. A real baby pose. Those baby “poses” don’t last long, so documenting them in their purest state is a must.

I absolutely loved watching mom and dad swoon over her too.  She is their first, and I love seeing the faces on brand new first time parents!

Really really enjoyed this session and all its warmth.


first girl. | Long Island NY In Home Newborn Photographer | Grace Photography

Lucky number 3.

Mom & dad have two older boys, and now a little girl to add.  All perfect. All happy. All healthy.

Don’t let that cute face fool you. Little Miss, gave me a run for my money.  Took about 2 hours to get her to fall asleep

and then mom and I played the, “pull-the-binky-out-of-her-mouth-quickly-so-we-get-the-shot-before-she-cries” game.

All in all, I think the shoot turned out just perfect. 🙂

I give you, Madison.




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This post is super late.  He is just about 6 months now, but I found these and had to blog them.

I arrived hours after he was born, and he couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Their faces say it all.

Making emotion stand still during a moment like this is truly inspiring.

It is a fleeting moment.  Something that you can’t plan, nor can you recreate later on.  But they are emotions that can effect anyone walking into the room.

I myself was overcome with tears and amazement when I first saw him.